Meeting with a Fake Peer

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In ‘moderation’, one is expected to follow the ways of the Western society rather than following the Holy Prophet (SallAllahu Alaih Wasallam) and the Sahaba (RaziAllahu Anhum). One is expected to become a babu, offer Salat if he likes and not offer it if he doesn't like to, fast if he wants to fast and not fast if he doesn't like to. He should not keep a beard and even when he does, it should resemble that of Ghamdi (famous TV scholar). There's no shortage of moderate ‘peers’ (spiritual mentors), who do not offer prayers (Salat) at all. When asked (the reason for not praying) they say, “you people pray five times, we pray all the time!”.

I also met an enlightened ‘Peer baba jee’ in Jehlum. He does not look like a ‘baba’ at all by appearance. When I asked him how did he acquire the Wilayat (Allah’s Friendship) he said, "when I was 18, one day I was at the rooftop, when the Peer of Peers (Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jillani Rehamtullah Alaih) came, poured everything (Wilayat) on me and went away". He worked at a bank all his life, and is now the Peer of bureaucrats. He wields a stick to ward away disease and pain. He told me that he is (spiritually) responsible for Pakistan and his younger brother has the responsibility for India. He said he was living hand to mouth. He just possesses the humble ’shack’ we were sitting in, and a CNG station. The complex that he was calling a shack must have cost Rs 10 to 15 million, and it’s hard to run a CNG station in less than 100 to 120 million rupees.

I stayed there from Zuhr till Isha, and he did no pray a single time. Col Azmat told me that he says, ‘you pray 5 times, I pray all the time!’
So, he is always in prayer. 

Excerpt from the article "Sir Tasleem Kham Hai" by Maj Ghulam Muhammad