I'm not a Peer...| میں پیر نہیں

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I'm No Peer...


"Hazrat, I'm not a Peer, nor do I take Baet*. However, if Allah so wills, I effect the Baet with Allah's Prophetﷺ. Nor has the idea (of being a Peer) has ever crossed my heart. In fact, I consider myself to be lower than a dog. How can I be worthy of being a Peer.

Yes, whenever my Rabb so approves, I effect the seeker's Baet with Allah's Prophetﷺ, who is the Peer, Murshed, and Interceder for the Ummah. I only beg to state this much. In this Silsila, the seeker is advanced through the Stations of Salook. provided my Rabb so wills. You will not find anyone above this sinner in the world at this time."

The last Shaykh of Silsila Awaisiah Maulana Allah Yar KhanRA, in a letter to Maulvi Fazal HussainRA, 1963

*Hazrat JeeRA started taking Baet much later, upon the insistence of the companions in Zikr.