Inside the Graves of False Ghauses

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Grave Worship and False Ghauses

There are hundreds of such people whom commoners consider to be Ghaus or Qutb. They believe them to be easer of troubles and keep doing Tawaf of their graves, although such a belief is clearly against the Shariah. Meanwhile, the person in the grave is suffering such a punishment that may Allah save us! I happened to go to a shrine. A tomb is constructed around the grave, which is covered in sheets (placed by devotees). People are kissing the grave, but the person inside the grave is tied up in chains, and attacks like a dog. A celebration is held every week at the shrine of another similar "Ghaus", whereas the person in the grave is a Hindu monk. Someone buried him by mistake. With the passage of time he became (known as) a Ghaus (among the ignorant folks) and a tomb was built on his grave. He is undergoing such a grievous and painful punishment that he cannot reply to any question.


Maulana Allah Yar Khan RA--Dalail-us-Salook